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Shedinja (Pokémon)

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1 HP trivia: Multihit moves will waste a Focus Sash.
* Shedinja is the only Pokémon that has its HP restored to maximum when leveled up with a {{DL|Vitamin|Rare Candy}} (prior to [[Generation VI]]) or revived with a {{DL|Revive|Revive}}.
* In [[Generation V]] onward, if a Shedinja has {{a|Sturdy}} (for example, being hit by {{m|Worry Seed}} followed by {{m|Skill Swap}} with something with Sturdy), it can survive any damaging move or {{status|confusion}} damage.
* If a Shedinja is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|Focus Sash}}, it can survive any single damaging move (unless it's multi-hit) or instance of {{status|confusion}} damage.
* Shedinja is the only Pokémon that will never recover HP using an {{cat|HP-draining moves|HP-draining move}}.