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* These movies were released between [[BW039]] and [[BW040]] in Japan. However, it chronologically takes place sometime before the aforementioned episodes, as they are placed in the middle of the [[Club Battle]] arc. It also doescannot nottake place after that arc, sinceas {{TRT}} was preparing to begin thetheir plotpreparations tofor sabotage thetheir [[Battle Subway|Nimbasa Subway System]] plan within the arc, that continue up to its fruition in [[BW047]].
** Had these episodes aired when originally intended, with their air-dates not being brought forward due to the postponement of the [[BW023 (unaired)|unaired]] [[BW024|two-parter]], the movie would have likely premiered between [[BW037]] (or [[BW036]], as the former was, itself, delayed from an earlier date) and BW038.<ref></ref>
* Director Yuyama Kunihiko scouted locations in {{wp|France}} (including {{wp|Nice}}, {{wp|Gourdon, Alpes-Maritimes|Gourdon}}, {{wp|Tourrettes-sur-Loup}}, and {{wp|Mont Saint-Michel}}) as part of pre-production for this movie.