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In the anime
{{movep|type=fighting|ms=745Mn|pkmn=Lycanroc|method=When Midnight Form Lycanroc gets hit by an attack, it punches the opponent, or when Midnight Form Lycanroc is about to be hit by an attack, it becomes covered in a light blue or light red aura and punches or throws the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=fighting|user=Lycanroc (Pokémon)|user1=A wild Lycanroc|startcode=SM015|startname=Rocking Clawmark Hill!}}
{{movemid|type=fighting|user=Gladion (anime)|user1=Gladion's Lycanroc|startcode=SM027|startname=A Glaring Rivalry!}}
{{movep|type=fighting|ms=235|pkmn=Smeargle|method=Smeargle becomes covered in orange energy. Any attack that hits it is sent flying back to the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=fighting|user=Ilima|user1=Ilima's Smeargle|startcode=SM066|startname=Smashing with Sketch!|notes=Used via {{mcolor|Sketch|{{fighting color dark}}}}}}