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The episode opens up with [[Laki]] and his {{p|Smeargle}} who in the midst of filming an episode of their show in [[Melemele Meadow]]. Suddenly, an [[Ultra Wormhole]] appears with a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Buzzwole|mysterious creature}} falling through before flying off into the distance, much to everyone's surprise.
Meanwhile, at the [[Pokémon School]], {{an|Professor Kukui}} shows the class the result of environmental differences between an {{alo|Vulpix}} and a Kantonian {{p|Vulpix}}. However, the lesson is interrupted by {{p|Komala}} who furiously hits the school's bell before [[Samson Oak|Principal Oak]] enters the room. He explains to the classmates, whom he refers to as the [[Ultra Guardians]], that [[{{an|Lusamine]]}} called to alert him to a new emergency, another [[Ultra Beast]] has arrived. With that, Kukui lifts the blackboard up to reveal a secret control panel. Slamming his hand to the center, he causes the book shelf and ladder to move, revealing a secret elevator shaft. Samson adds that the Pokémon School and [[Aether Foundation]] have agreed to collaborate. Kukui commands the students to get into their positions, and with that the group assemble, with a port for each of them and a larger seventh slot for their Pokemon. On their descent, {{an|Lillie}} explains that the elevator is just the kind of technology her mother (who she calls childish) enjoys having. Next, everyone is automatically suited up into new tight-fitting armored outfits, complete with gloves, while their Pokémon all receive special badges.
Once they arrive at the Ultra Guardians base, the group are greeted by [[Lusamine's Clefable]], who points up at a screen. Lusamine welcomes the group alongside [[Professor Burnet]] and [[Wicke]], and adds that Clefable is also an Ultra Guardian member and will remain at the base. She shows the footage of Laki's earlier filming, while {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} pull out its blond wig to cosplay as Laki. Burnet reminds Rotom to pay attention to the footage as the group sees an Ultra Beast emerge from an Ultra Wormhole. The footage shows, what Wicke has dubbed as Buzzwole, take on several {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon. The group are in awe of its power and muscular physique, and at Lusamine's digression, Rotom adds all of the Aether Foundation's data to its system. Lusamine explains that Ultra Beasts are also now considered Pokémon while Wicke notes that Buzzwole's appearance in Melemele Meadow was accidental. Lusamine adds that the Aether Foundation believe its destructive power is a symptom of it being stressed in a foreign environment, and requires that the group capture Buzzwole to protect Alola. Clefable presents {{Ash}} with a box of [[Beast Ball]]s, and gives Lillie a first-aid kit full of [[Full Restore]]s, [[Max Potion]]s, [[Pecha Berry|Pecha]] and [[Sitrus Berry|Sitrus Berries]].
* [[Samson Oak]]
* [[Professor Burnet]]
* [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}
* [[Wicke]]
* [[Laki]]