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{{an|Lillie}} writes in her diary about the events of the [[SM048|previous episode]] and how she is now afraid to touch [[Snowy]]. During nightfall, {{an|Gladion}} confronts {{Ash}} on the beach over what happened with Lillie and {{p|Type: Null}}. Ash tries to apologizes for Nebby's actions but Gladion won't listen. Returning to his motel room, Gladion is met by [[{{an|Faba]]}} who has heard what happened to Lillie. He has come to retrieve {{p|Type: Null}}, claiming that these are [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s wishes. Gladion refuses, leading to a battle between their Pokémon but Gladion is soon defeated. {{p|Hypno}} prevents Gladion from sending Type: Null out by using {{m|Hypnosis}} on Gladion. Faba takes the [[Premier Ball]] from Gladion.
Ash and {{ashcl}} are supportive towards Lillie over what happened when {{an|Professor Kukui}} and [[Professor Burnet]] join them. Another attempt at making contact with Snowy causes Lillie to freeze. When school ends, Ash joins Lillie and Snowy as they walk home. As they walk, Lillie guesses that Ash has met with Gladion which shocks Ash but subsequently confirms. Lillie reveals what happened when she encountered Gladion and Type: Null. Ash tries to cheer Lillie up which helps and Lillie decides to remember everything that happened. As a result of that, {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby}} starts {{m|teleport}}ing them to various locations from Lillie's past, which brings back memories of her and her family. Soon, Nebby teleports them to the research area underneath [[Aether Paradise]]. In his lab, Faba places the [[Premier Ball]] containing Type: Null in a drawer and is alerted to the presence of Ash and Lillie from the security system.
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{TRT}} resigns as {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s and leaves [[{{an|Faba]]}}.
* [[Gladion's Silvally]] [[Evolution|breaks free]] of its mask, revealing {{p|Silvally|its true form}}.
* {{an|Lillie}} remembers the incident that made her afraid of touching {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}.
* [[James]]
* {{an|Professor Kukui}}
* [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}
* {{an|Gladion}}
* [[Professor Burnet]]
* [[{{an|Faba]]}}
* [[Mohn]] (picture; partially shown)
* {{p|Cleffa}} ({{OP|Lusamine|Cleffa}}; picture)
* {{p|Clefairy}} ({{OP|Lusamine|Clefairy}}; flashback)
* {{p|Lillipup}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Herdier}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; flashback)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Munchlax}} ([[Professor Burnet]]'s)
* {{p|Alakazam}} ([[{{an|Faba]]}}'s)
* {{p|Hypno}} ([[{{an|Faba]]}}'s)
* {{p|Cosmog}} ({{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby}})
* {{p|Exeggcute}} (video)
* [[Poké Problem]]: ''Which one of these Pokémon does old man [[{{an|Faba]]}} use in today's episode?''
** Host: [[James]]
** Choices: {{p|Kyogre}}, {{p|Hypno}}, {{p|Lunala}}, {{p|Tapu Koko}}
* During Lillie's flashbacks of her with [[{{an|Lusamine]]}} and {{an|Gladion}} at the beach, Lusamine's swimsuit is a two-piece, but during the first scene of them [[Poké Ride|riding]] a {{p|Lapras}}, her swimsuit is a one-piece.
* When Faba's Hypno falls back after being hit by {{TP|Gladion|Silvally}}'s {{m|Multi-Attack}}, Hypno has an extra toe on its foot.