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'''Super Smash Bros. Brawl''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|大乱闘|だいらんとう}}スマッシュブラザーズX''' ''Great Fray Smash Brothers X'') is the third installment of the [[Super Smash Bros.]] series]], released on the [[Wii]] in early 2008. As with previous installments, characters from various [[Nintendo]] video games will do battle with each other. The game allows the use of the [[Nintendo GameCube]] controller, the Wii Remote alone, the Nunchuck + Remote control scheme, and the Wii Classic Controller. Non-Nintendo characters are also featured for the first time, namely {{sbw|Solid Snake}} and {{sbw|Sonic the Hedgehog}}.
Several game mechanics have been introduced into the sequel, like the ability to crawl, the existence of containers with wheels, and the introduction of the [[Final Smash]], an extremely powerful signature move. The game also built on Melee's one-player modes, with the Adventure Mode being expanded into a complete side-scrolling game called [[The Subspace Emissary]]. This mode features a story told through cutscenes which were co-written by {{wp|Kazushige Nojima}}, who is best known as the scenario writer for {{wp|Final Fantasy VII}}.