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In the anime
In ''[[SM108|Memories in the Mist!]]'', Gladion and Lillie searched through Tapu Fini's mist for Mohn, but were unable to find him. [[Hapu]] informed them that this was likely because Mohn was, in fact, still alive, and they decided to tell Lusamine of this possibility.
In ''[[SM116|The Secret Princess!]]'', the Aether Foundation began searching for Mohn after Gladion informed Lusamine of his findings. Lusamine came to realize that her children were still very interested in their father and went on to reveal his secret study inside the family's [[Melemele Island]] mansion and entrust it to their care for the time being. She and [[Hobbes]] also revealed a lot about Mohn's past as a Trainer. Lillie discovered her father's Z-Ring, and she later received permission from Hala to temporarily wield it. She also uncovered an inactive {{p|Magearna}}, which Mohn had planned to repair so it could be a friend for her, but he never managed to get it working before he disappeared. Lillie then found one of her father's journals tucked behind the [[Pokémon category|Artificial Pokémon]], which documented his notes on Magearna.
Mohn reappeared as an illusion in [[SM127]].