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Game-exclusive moves

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'''Game-exclusive moves''' are moves that are onlynot available in one or twoall games in a single [[generation]]. They are often the [[signature move]]s of [[game-exclusive Pokémon]].
This list does not take into account the fact that the following moves could be {{m|Sketch}}ed, used via {{m|Metronome}}, or obtained from {{pkmn2|event}}s. This list does not include [[Shadow move]]s, which, with the exception of {{m|Shadow Rush}}, are all exclusive to {{Pokémon XD}}. This also does not include moves of Pokémon who cannot be obtained in-game in any game within the generation, such as {{pm|DeoxysPsycho Boost}} during [[Generation IV]] and {{gen|V}}.
==List of game-exclusive moves==