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Personality and characteristics: I feel like we should explain why it didn't get along with Oshawott.
Tepig has shown multiple times that he is always trying to please Ash. Lenora confirms this in ''[[BW016|Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!]]'', where she says that Tepig is trying very hard for Ash. This could be because Tepig's [[Shamus|former Trainer]] abandoned him and out of fear that Ash will do the same, tries his best to prove he is worthy. Even though abandoned by his former Trainer, he was still happy to see him again in ''[[BW077|Evolution by Fire!]]'' and also didn't feel right battling against him. After his [[evolution]], he lost all respect for Shamus as shown when Pignite used Flamethrower on his former Trainer and stayed loyal to Ash.
Pignite did not get along with Oshawott, as Oshawott kept stealing his food.