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Yamper (Pokémon)

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====Name origin====
Yamper may be a combination of ''yap'', ''ampere'', or ''scamper''.
Wanpachi may be a combination of ワンワン ''wanwan'' (onomatopoeia for barking) and パチパチ ''pachipachi'' (onomatopoeia for crackling).
==In other languages==
{{Other languages|type=Electric|type2=Electric
|ja=ワンパチ ''Wanpachi''|jameaning=From {{tt|ワンワン ''wanwan''|onomatopoeia for barking}} and {{tt|パチパチ ''pachipachi''|onomatopoeia for crackling}}
|de=Voldi|demeaning=From ''Volt''
|fr=Voltoutou|frmeaning=From ''volt''
|es=Yamper|esmeaning=Same as English name
|it=Yamper|itmeaning=Same as English name
|ko=멍파치 ''Meongpachi''|komeaning=From {{tt|멍멍 ''meongmeong|onomatopoeia for barking}} and partial transliteration of Japanese name
|zh_cmn=來電汪 / 来电汪 ''Láidiànwāng''|zh_cmnmeaning=From {{tt|來 / 来 ''lái''|come}}, {{tt|電 / 电 ''diàn''|electricity}}, and {{tt|汪汪 ''wāngwāng''|onomatopoeia for barking}}
|zh_yue=來電汪 ''Lòihdihnwōng''|zh_yuemeaning=From {{tt|來 ''lòih''|come}}, {{tt|電 ''dihn''|electricity}}, and {{tt|汪汪 ''wōngwōng''|onomatopoeia for barking}}}}