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Detective Pikachu (movie)

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<!--Do NOT add trivia saying that the movie is the first time profanity is heard in the franchise; it is not notable or nor is it significant. It is just a word.-->
* The rights to distribute the film outside Japan were initially won by {{wp|Universal Studios|Universal Pictures}}, but were eventually taken over by {{wp|Warner Bros. Pictures|Warner Bros.}}, a distributor of previous [[Pokémon movie]]s.
* This is the first Pokémon film to be officially rated PG by the {{wp|Motion Picture Association of America}}. All previous films were either rated G or not rated.
* As of July 2019, this film has the highest rating on review aggregator website {{wp|Rotten Tomatoes}} of any Pokémon film, with a "Fresh" rating of 67% out of a total of 269 reviews.
* This film has the highest production budget of any [[Pokémon movie]], totaling $150 million.
* This film is the highest grossing Pokémon film, with box office sales exceeding $427 million as of July 2019.
** It is also the highest grossing film based off of a video game.
* This is one of two Pokémon-related movies to be released in 2019, with the other being the [[M22|twenty-second anime movie]]. Coincidentally, both movies prominently feature a {{p|Mewtwo}} and heavily use CGI.
* While the movie takes liberties with the original plot of the Detective Pikachu video game, it does reveal the ultimate fate of Tim's father, which was not addressed in the source material.