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Mew (M01)

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In the games
==In the games==
{{bulbanews|Mew, Movie 20 Pokémon codes to be available at 7-Eleven in Japan}}
This Mew werewas [ distributed] to players who insert a serial code that were given away at {{wp|7-Eleven}} stores in Japan via [ 7-SPOT]. Players need to go to different 7-Eleven stores and collect two different virtual stamps using 7-SPOT to obtain a serial code. The serial codes were available from July 11 to 31, 2017 at 7 am to 7 pm, and can be redeemed from July 11 to August 7, 2017.
This {{p|Mew}} is based on Mew from the first Pokémon movie, ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back!]]''. The [[Trainer ID number]] is based on the premiere date of the first Pokémon movie in Japan, July 18, 1998.