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Hokulani Observatory

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Pokémon Sun and Moon
Sophocles asks the player to open the security door, but in order to do so they have to complete a series of audio quizzes. If the player gets an answer incorrect, Sophocles receives an electric shock and the player is asked the question again (there is no other penalty). After completing each quiz, the player battles a Pokémon, with the player battling the {{pkmn2|Totem}} {{p|Vikavolt}} after the last quiz.
In the battle with Totem Vikavolt, it will call the {{p|Charjabug}} that knows {{m|Vice Grip}} on its first turn, and call the {{p|Charjabug}} that knows {{m|Mud-Slap}} if its HP is below approximately 2/3 (if the first ally Charjabug has been defeated). If its HP drops below approximately 2/3 before it has a chance to call an ally, it will call the Charjabug that knows SparkMud-Slap first, then call the Charjabug that knows Vice Grip at the first opportunity after the first Charjabug has fainted. Once an ally is defeated, Totem Vikavolt cannot call it again.
After defeating the Totem Pokémon, the power is restored to the observatory and [[Molayne]] bursts into the room. Sophocles gives the player an [[Electrium Z]] as a reward, and Molayne gives the player a [[Steelium Z]].