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Pokéblock throw bug
===Pokéblock throw bug===
{{incomplete|section|needs=How can a red Pokeblock in this example not enthrall a Pokémon?}}
In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, instead of the escape factor having a minimum value of 1 (5% chance to flee) like the catch factor, the game is coded to set the escape factor to 1 if it would become negative due to a thrown Pokéblock. This means it is possible for the player to throw Pokéblocks such that a Pokémon's escape factor becomes exactly 0, and the Pokémon will have a 0% chance to escape. Exploiting this can make it very easy to catch Hoenn Safari Zone Pokémon.
The optimal catching strategy for exploiting this is as follows:
Make three different typescolors of single-color[[flavor]] Pokéblocks (e.g., Red, Blue, and Green). Put one into a feeder (e.g., Red) and start a wild encounter near that feeder.
When the battle starts...