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Team Rocket's sales are interrupted when a {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}} skips the line. [[Jessie]] is determined to not create a scene so she kindly asks the Grunt to join the queue. The Grunt persists to ask irritating questions and kicks over an advertising sign, causing the waiting customers to flee. Two others Grunts soon join him. With the situation heating up, James calls on {{TP|James|Mareanie}} to join {{MTR}} and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} in a show of force. The Grunts call on their Pokémon, but the Rocket trio quickly defeats them. Meanwhile, {{an|Gladion}} and his {{p|Lycanroc}} quickly deal with another Team Skull trio at the docks.
Later, Ash and the boys interrupt Tupp and his gang's small crime spree. Tupp is initially startled, but is set on getting herhis revenge against them so he orders [[Zipp]] and Rapp on the attack. Ash sends {{AP|Pikachu}} and Rowlet out, [[Kiawe's Turtonator]], [[Sophocles's Vikavolt]], and Hau's Decidueye also enter the fray. The Team Skull trio reply with {{p|Garbodor}}, {{p|Zubat}}, and {{p|Salandit}}. Zipp's Garbodor sends out a {{m|Sludge Bomb}}, but Turtonator destroys the oncoming attack with a {{m|Flamethrower}}. Tupp orders his Salandit to use {{m|Scratch}}, though Rowlet’s {{m|Seed Bomb}} knocks him to the ground. Zubat swoops in for a {{m|Bite}}, and Hau has Decidueye evade the attack and strike with a {{m|Razor Leaf}}, defeating Zubat. The battle has been won, though Sophocles is left disappointed that he wasn't even able to attack. Ash and others demand to know what the grunts want, and Rapp replies that the League should just burn.
Guzma and [[Plumeria]] walk onto the scene, causing Tupp and his gang to scramble up to their bosses. Plumeria scolds the trio for running off and brushes off their attempt to hijack the League as beyond useless. As Guzma prepares to call out a Pokémon, the girls, Hala and Kukui rush in. Kukui confronts Guzma demanding to know why he is at the League. Guzma replies that Kukui was the one who told him to enter the League in the first place. He affirms if his registration will be confirmed. Kukui replies yes and Guzma declares that it will be a regrettable decision once he dominates the arena. Guzma vows to ruin Kukui's dreams, declaring that when he is Champion he'll ensure that no more Leagues will ever take place. He staunchly leaves with Plumeria, Zipp and the others following behind. Guzma's threats hit Kukui hard. Lillie asks the Professor why Guzma is so obsessed with him, but Kukui only stares at her before returning to his distraught state. Hala proceeds to inform the children that Kukui and Guzma were once his apprentices. However Guzma was particularly disobedient and had no regard for the traditions of the island challenge. He ran off hoping to prove his strengths without the need for either a Z-Ring or [[Z-Crystal]]s. Hala admits that he failed to save Guzma's heart, but Kukui feels that the responsibility lies with him. Ash is set on winning the League, namely to defend Kukui's efforts and all of the nice people he has met in Alola. Hau and the others agree with Ash’s sentiments, admitting that they don’t want Guzma to squander the League. Kukui stands to his feet and thanks everyone for their support.