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Tyranitar (Pokémon)

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Tyranitar shares strong similarities with the {{wp|Armadillo girdled lizard}}, a desert-dwelling lizard mainly distinguished by its especially firm scales.
Tyranitar could also be based on the ''{{wp|GodzillaTyrannosaurus}}'', whicha itselflarge wasTheropod designedfrom bythe combininglate threeCretaceous dinosaurs:time ''{{wp|Tyrannosaurus}}''period, ''{{wp|Iguanodon}}''another andinfluence ''{{wp|Stegosaurus}}'',it alongmay have is with athe {{wp|crocodile}}Kaiju andgenre, anits {{wp|alligator}}.upright Similarly,posture Megamay Tyranitar'sallude shoulderto spikeshow andmost headKaiju pieceare couldhumanoid indicatein thatshape, itdue isto possiblythe basedneed onto {{wp|SpaceGodzilla}}fit a person inside the suit.
====Name origin====
Tyranitar is derived from ''tyrant'' or ''{{wp|Tyrannosauroidea|Tyrannosaurus}}'' (derived from the same root).
Bangiras may be a combination of 野蛮 ''yaban'' (savage) or 蛮 ''ban'' (barbarian) and 嫌い ''kirai'' (hate). The ''Giras'' maypart deriveof from ''Gojira'', theits Japanese name formay Godzilla,be ora ''Angiras'',corruption theof Japaneseゴリラ namegorira for the character {{wp|Anguirus}}. Both are dinosaur-like {{wp|tokusatsu}} movie monsters that(Gorilla), shareand some characteristicskugira with(whale) Tyranitar.
==In other languages==
{{Other languages|type=Rock|type2=Dark
|ja=バンギラス ''Bangiras''|jameaning=From {{tt|野蛮 ''yaban''|savage}}, {{tt|蛮 ''ban''|barbarian}}, {{tt|嫌い ''kirai''|hate}}, {{tt|ゴリラ ''Godzillagorira'' |Gorilla}}, and ''{{wptt|Anguirus鯨 ''kugira''|Angiraswhale}}'' .
|fr=Tyranocif|frmeaning=From ''{{tt|tyran|tyrant}}'' or ''Tyrannosaurus'' and ''{{tt|nocif|noxious}}''
|es=Tyranitar|esmeaning=Same as English name
|de=Despotar|demeaning=From ''Despot''
|it=Tyranitar|itmeaning=Same as English name
|ko=마기라스 ''Magiras''|komeaning=From {{tt|만 (蠻) ''man''|savage}} and ''AngirasGiras''. May contain {{tt|마 (魔) ''ma''|evil}}, which refers to one of its type
|zh_cmn=班吉拉 ''Bānjīlā''|zh_cmnmeaning=Transliteration of its Japanese name. May also be from {{tt|哥吉拉 ''Gējílā''|Godzilla}}
|hi=टाईरानीटर ''Tyranitar''|himeaning=Transcription of English name
|ru=Тиранитар ''Tiranitar''|rumeaning=Transcription of English name