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Eevee is the "Evolution Pokémon". It is called this because it can evolve into one of several kinds of Pokémon by usage of different stones. Eevee can evolve into the {{t|Water}}-type Pokémon {{p|Vaporeon}} with a water stone, the {{t|Fire}}-type {{p|Flareon}} with a fire-stone, and the {{t|Electric}}-type {{p|Jolteon}} with a thunder stone. These are the most common evolutions; however, there are 2 more evolutions.
In [[Generation II]] (Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal) and [[Generation III]] (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Eevee has two new [[evolution|evolutions]]. Both of these evolutions are achieved through [[Happiness]]. It can evolve into the {{t|Psychic}}-type Pokémon, {{P|Espeon}}, if, after it reaches the required [[Happiness]] value, it gains a level during the day. If it reaches this value, and then levels up during the night, it evolves into the {{t|Dark}}-type Pokémon, {{p|Umbreon}}.
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