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The '''Super Smash Bros. series''' (Japanese: '''ニンテンドウオールスター!{{tt|大乱闘|だいらんとう}}スマッシュブラザーズ''' ''Nintendo All-Stars! Great Fray Smash Brothers'') is a series of cross-over fighting games, featuring characters from many Nintendo franchises, and several from non-Nintendo franchises. The series was originally developed by [[HAL Laboratory, Inc.|HAL Laboratory]], before series creator [[Masahiro Sakurai]] left the studio on August 5, 2003. Since then, Sakurai founded {{wp|Sora Ltd.}} in 2005 and has continued developing Smash Bros. games under that studio, with {{wp|Namco Bandai}} assisting in the development of the recent entries. The series has appeared on every Nintendo home console since the [[Nintendo 64]], as well as a handheld entry on [[Nintendo 3DS]].
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