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Deletion of pages: new section
Please let me know if you have any input on either, and whichever you may think is a better direction. [[User:TehPerson|TehPerson]] ([[User talk:TehPerson|talk]]) 18:08, 28 June 2019 (UTC)
== Deletion of pages ==
These are the pages to be up for deletion: ''It has been hidden for pleasant viewing. Unhide to see them''
Wrongly moved pages by MQ Dread:
Bounsweet (Unified Minds 17
Lapras (Unified Minds 32)
Original Japanese names for these TCG cards are always deleted:
Blue's Strategy (Miracle Twin 87)
Night City (Tag Team GX Starter Set 30)
Tinnitus Bell (SM-P Promo 304)
Giant Stove (GG End 50)
Black Belt (GG End 47)
Misty's Request (Miracle Twin 85)
Pokémon Lab (Miracle Twin 89)
Slumber Forest (Miracle Twin 88)
Stadium Navigator (Miracle Twin 82)
Weak Guard Energy (Miracle Twin 90)
Blue's Strategy (Miracle Twin 106)
Black Belt (GG End 69)
Misty's Request (Miracle Twin 104)
Weak Guard Energy (Miracle Twin 115)
Wrongly moved page by me:
Stadium Navi (Unified Minds 208)
Unable to move the following pages due to existing double redirect:
Delete "Azelf (Unified Minds 85)" to make way for move from "Azelf (Unified Minds 85"-->
Or should I have put the <nowiki>{{delete}}</nowiki> instead of asking directly to an admin?
Also, MQ Dread have a tendency of editing without previewing (several edits in a short span of time), moved pages to its wrong name, not adding the é to Pokémon when moving pages, and also copying TCG information from PokeBeach, including the newly edits, redirects, and moved pages of the Unified Minds expansion. The evidence of him copying information from PokeBeach includes but not limited to, using <nowiki>’</nowiki> instead of <nowiki>'</nowiki>, and PokeBeach {{tt|purposely|it may be by mistake though}} put Psyduck & Slowpoke-GX instead of the correct Slowpoke & Psyduck-GX. The first few mistakes I know new users often make those mistakes, but they're causing confusions for editing and some mistakes are only rectifiable by admins. Is there anything to do about it? Lastly, just asking out of curiosity, is there any way to allow non-admins to have the ability to move pages without leaving a redirect, like giving minor admins permission. Thanks. — '''[[User:Ruixiang95|<span style="color:#9932CC;">Ruixiang</span>]][[User talk:Ruixiang95|<span style="color:#FF8C00;">95</span>]]''' 13:05, 5 July 2019 (UTC)