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{{series|Advanced Generation}}
[[File:Jessie Wurmple.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Wurmple]]
[[File:Jessie Cascoon.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Cascoon]]
Jessie {{pkmn2|caught}} {{p|Wurmple}} in ''[[AG014|All in a Day's Wurmple]]'', as did {{an|May}}. Several episodes later, in ''[[AG021|Which Wurmple's Which?]]'', both Wurmple were temporarily switched, but eventually, they were returned to their proper {{pkmn|Trainer}}s by the episode's end. In ''[[AG024|A Corphish Out of Water]]'', Jessie's Wurmple [[evolution|evolved]] into {{p|Cascoon}} while May's evolved into {{p|Silcoon}}; Jessie believed hers was a Silcoon as well. Four episodes later, in ''[[AG028|Seeing is Believing!]]'', Jessie's Cascoon evolved into {{p|Dustox}}, soon after May's Silcoon evolved into {{TP|May|Beautifly}}. While Jessie was at first disappointed that she did not have a Beautifly, she almost immediately came to adore her new Dustox (in the Japanese version, she called her ''Dokucale-chan'' on more than one occasion). In the English dub, Jessie has called her ''Dustox-Dear'', and when she throws her {{i|Poké Ball}}, she has also called her "my dear Dustox".
Dustox was Jessie's primary {{pkmn|Contest}} Pokémon. She was used in the {{to|Fallarbor}} Contest in ''[[AG051|Come What May]]'' and the {{to|Verdanturf}} Contest in ''[[AG062|Disguise Da Limit]]''. Jessie attempted to enter her in the [[Rubello Town]] Contest in ''[[AG077|A Fan with a Plan]]'', but Jessie did not have a previously obtained [[Ribbon]] needed for entry.