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Shedinja (Pokémon)

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1 HP trivia: Download
* Shedinja is the only Pokémon that cannot gain any additional HP {{EV}}s.
** In [[Generation VI]], {{EV}}s in HP can be earned from [[Super Training]], though they have no effect for Shedinja.
* Having only 1 HP, Shedinja's {{stat|Defense}} and {{stat|Special Defense}} stats normally have no practical purpose in battle. However, if Shedinja receives a {{m|substitute}} through Baton Pass, its Defense and Special Defense are factored into damage the substitute takes. Shedinja's Defense and Special Defense stats also become relevant if a Pokémon uses {{m|Transform}} on it or if Shedinja uses {{m|Power Trick}} (via {{m|Mimic}})., or if an opponent has {{a|Download}}
* From [[Generation IV]] onward, Shedinja is the only Pokémon that can knock itself out from full health with the recoil damage from {{m|Struggle}}.
* Outside of battle, Shedinja immediately recovers from {{status|poison}} after four steps in [[Generation IV]]; in [[Generation III]], it will immediately faint after four steps.