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A {{p|Celebi}} flies through a [[Time Ripple|time ripple]] and stumbles across {{Ash}} and his Pokémon while they are in the middle of a practice {{pkmn|battle}}. Meanwhile, over at the Professors' residence, [[Professor Burnet]] shows {{an|Professor Kukui|her husband}} one of his childhood photos. Kukui is embarrassed by it, admitting that he was only five years old at the time, howeverbut Burnet finds it incredibly adorable. He queriesasks where she found it and Burnet pulls out an old book she found in a storage closet. Kukui is thrilled to see his old "Super Pokémon [[Move]] Index" guidebook and reminisces about the times he used to spend watching [[Hala]]'s battles. AsHe reveals that, as a child, Kukuihe challengedtried to challenge Hala, howeverbut the [[Island Kahuna]] admitted that he was still too young at the time. Kukui, however, was unfazed and proudly showed off his [[Firium Z]]. Burnet's attentionthen soon turns tospots the {{TP|Professor Kukui|Litten}} also featured in the photo, and Kukui explains that Litten was actually his parent's Pokémon.
Meanwhile Ash's training session wages on. {{AP|Torracat}} uses a {{m|Fire Blast}} attack and {{AP|Lycanroc}} counters with {{m|Stone Edge}}. The resulting explosion whips up a powerful gust which triggers Celebi to [[time travel]] to escape, however it also accidentally transports Ash and Torracat into the past along with it. Ash calls out to Lycanroc and Pikachu, only to get no response. Torracat begins hissing at something in the nearby bushes, and a Litten soon reveals itself. Oddly enough, Torracat appears to recognize the Litten as Kukui's Incineroar, and soon enough, a young boy, the future Professor Kukui, emerges from the bushes. Kukui is thrilled to see a Torracat in-person and tries to pat it, however Torracat steps back and begins raising the hairs on its back in anger. As Ash pats Torracat to settle it, Kukui spots Ash's [[Z-Power Ring]] and asks if he is taking part in the [[island challenge]]. Kukui shows off his own Firium Z and Ash admits that he doesn't even have that [[Z-Crystal]] yet. The young Kukui declares himself the winner before asking Ash to show him a fully-fledged {{m|Inferno Overdrive}}. Ash has his doubts, but Torracat reassures him otherwise. He borrows Kukui's Firium Z and prepares to aim an attack at a rock, which he seems to not remember. Ash takes a moment to recall how {{an|Kiawe}} performs the [[Z-Move]] and, to his own surprise, his own attempt at it works. The Inferno Overdrive destroys the target rock into small fragments. Kukui is thrilled by powerful display and gives Ash the nickname "Move King". He then challenges Ash to a battle, and he happily accepts.