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Flash Cannon (move)

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In the Pokémon Masters Trailer
{{movebtm|type=steel|user=Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime#Meltan|user1=Multiple wild Meltan|startcode=SM111|startname=Show Me the Metal!}}
===In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer===
{{moveanime|type=steel|exp=yes|gen=The user fires beams of light.|image1=Steven Metagross Masters Flash Cannon.png|image1p=Metagross}}
{{movep|type=steel|ms=376|pkmn=Metagross|method=Metagross extends its front arms and fires multiple beams of white energy to the opponent.}}
{{movebtm|type=steel|user=Steven's Metagross|startcode=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer}}
==In the manga==