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Dragon Claw (move)

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In the Pokémon Masters Trailer
{{movebtm|type=dragon|user=Sawyer's Sceptile|startcode=XY128|startname=A Riveting Rivalry!}}
===In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer===
{{moveanime|type=dragon|exp=yes|gen=The user slashes the foe with huge, sharp claws.|image1=Cynthia Garchomp Masters Dragon Claw.png|image1p=Garchomp}}
{{movep|type=dragon|ms=445|pkmn=Garchomp|method=A light-blue aura forms around each of Garchomp's fins and then Garchomp strikes its opponent with its claws.}}
{{movebtm|type=dragon|user=Cynthia's Garchomp|startcode=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer}}
==In the manga==