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|pvname=Pokémon Origins
|javagame=N/A <small>({{pkmn|Origins}})</small><br>Ai Kayano <small>({{pkmn|Masters Animated Trailer}})</small>
'''Erika''' (Japanese: '''エリカ''' ''Erika'') is the [[Gym Leader]] of [[Celadon City]]'s [[Gym]], known officially as the [[Celadon Gym]]. She hands out the {{Badge|Rainbow}} to {{pkmn|Trainer}}s who defeat her. She is a serene young woman who [[Type expert|specializes]] in {{type|Grass}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. She sometimes dresses in elegant {{wp|Furisode|kimonos}} and seems to represent traditional Japanese beauty.
None of Vileplume's moves are known.}}
===In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer===
Erika appeared in the [[Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer]], where she, a {{tc|Beauty}}, and a {{tc|Lass}} battled a male {{pkmn|Trainer}}, [[Brock]], and {{ga|Rosa}} in a forest. Her group initially had the upper hand until the male Trainer's {{p|Pikachu}} used {{m|Thunder}} on their Pokémon, defeating them. Afterwards, Erika awarded the Trainer with a [[Badge]] and then joined his group on their {{pkmn|journey}}.
|img=Erika Vileplume PMT.png
|epnum=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
|epname=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
|desc={{p|Vileplume}} is Erika's only known Pokémon. Alongside a {{tc|Beauty}}'s {{p|Lotad}} and a {{tc|Lass}}'s {{p|Whimsicott}}, she battled a male Trainer's {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Brock's Onix]], and {{ga|Rosa}}'s {{p|Snivy}}. However, Vileplume and her teammates were quickly defeated by Pikachu's {{m|Thunder}}.