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Solaceon Town

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Pokémon News Press
[[File:Pokémon News Press.png|thumb|right|Pokémon News Press]]
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Solaceon Town is also home to the Pokémon News Press building. It is run by two people, who create and print the [[Sinnoh]] region's newspaper. The Pokémon News Press is tiny, containing only a TV and a desk, with a writing pad and a computer, but the newspaper is said to have many fans. One of the men asks the player each day to show him a different Pokémon the player has already seen, awarding Poké Balls if the request is granted. The Pokémon he wants to see is often simple to obtain because he only asks for Pokémon already listed in the player's [[Pokédex]]. A player who accomplishes this task within 24 hours will be rewarded with three of any type of [[Poké Ball]], except for [[Master Ball]]s, [[Cherish Ball]]s, [[Safari Ball]]s, and [[Park Ball]]s, and a [[Heart Scale]]{{sup/4|Pt}}. They are featured as a top story of the newspaper on the computer called the "Weekly Poké Ball Roundup". There are featured articles on new types of Poké Balls.
===Solaceon Ruins===