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Bewear (anime)

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Personality and characteristics
Bewear has a gentle side, as seen in ''[[SM096|Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!]]'', when it was revealed to have mothered a {{p|Stufful}}. It was later shown that Bewear returned the helicopter propeller it broke off to fly back to her den and [[Wicke]] later discovered that she had left some honey behind as a thank you for taking care of Stufful. In the [[Poké Problem]] segment for the same episode, after reuniting with her child and they were both in the den, Bewear let out a laugh, much to the surprise of Team Rocket.
In [[SM122]], Bewear is shown that it doesn't want to be caught, as seen when Jessie attempted to catch it in a {{i|Poké Ball}}, only for Bewear to easily destroyeddestroy it. Bewear is shown to be a good host, as seen when [[Matori]] and her [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{TP|Matori|Meowth}} were visiting that she feed them honey the same way that she would Jessie, James and Meowth. When Matori attempted to kidnap Stufful, only to end up with Meowth who had disguised himself as Stufful were heading back to Kanto, Bewear came to Meowth's defenserescue. This had an impact on Matori as seen when she attempted to contact the trio, Bewearonly answeredto which immediatelyget scared herwhen Bewear answered.
==In the TCG==