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Girafarig (Pokémon)

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Girafarig is a hoofed quadruped Pokémon with a long neck. There is a white blaze on its muzzle, which ends with its round, pink nose. It has two horns with bulbous tips on top of its head. Its front half is yellow with black spots, while its back half is black with yellow spots. The female Girafarig has a smaller dark section than the male. There are many triangular, pink spikes along its back.
Girafarig's tail possesses a head of its own. The tail's head has yellow eyes, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and a small brain. However, this head is incapable of independent thinking and relies on outside stimuli such as smell to guide its actions. If the tail smells something alluring, it will bite. The tail often mimics the head during feeding, and is able to warn the Pokémon of danger if it is sleeping. Girafarig lives in wide-open {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Grassland Pokémon|plainssavannas and grasslands}}, where it feeds on the plant life.
==In the anime==
[[Image:Alpha kirinriki.png|thumb|200px|Girafarig's early design]]
* An [[List of unused Pokémon and character designs#Kirinriki|early design]] of Girafarig had a full-sized second head, reflecting its palindromic name, and rather resembling a {{wp|List of Doctor Dolittle characters#The pushmi-pullyu|Pushmi-pullyu}}.