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Pokémon in Israel

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Pokémon games
==Pokémon games==
Pokémon games are sold in English in Israel.After Since2000, Aprilthere 2019,were ''Tortwo Gaming''distributors isin theIsrael: officialMushi distributorand ofAll [[Nintendo]]Games.<ref></ref>Since products2007, ingames Israelhave been distributed by Ronlight Digital Ltd.<ref></ref>After 2010, it is not known if there was any distributor in Israel.
BeforeSince thatApril 2019, there''Tor wasGaming'' nois the official Nintendo distributor in Israel andof [[Nintendo]] games were rarely foundproducts in Israel. However, Some stores imported them from other European countries, and they were available around the European launch day, and sometimes earlier<ref>https://nintendosoup. com/nintendo-is-opening-in-israel-soon/</ref>
==Pokémon anime==