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In ''[[SM098|Bright Lights, Big Changes!]]'', George was working on an episode of Alolan Detective Laki when the nearby {{Rotom}} noticed an error that needed to be fixed. George was impressed with Rotom's knowledge of the program and offered him a role on the show, which Rotom accepted. In the end, Rotom went back to {{Ash}}, but this made George realize that the show needed a change of format. This resulted in {{p|Chatot}} becoming [[Laki]]'s new partner alongside {{p|Smeargle}}.
In ''[[SM113|This Magik Moment!]]'', George met up with Rotom, who had been watching {{an|Sophocles}} take part in the Alola Pokémon Quiz. He gave Ash and {{ashcl}} a tour of the studio when he was approached by [[Rinka and Kenichi‎‎]], who informed him that three stars for another show had become unavailable at the last minute. Hearing this, he hired {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Mallow}}, and {{an|Lana}} to star in an episode '''The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols''' (Japanese: '''サンサン三人はアローラドリンキュン''' ''The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun''). After Koi-chanKarpy, famous for its playing the sweet protagonist in '''Little Magikarp's Melody''' (Japanese: '''小さなコイキングのメロディ''' ''Melody of the Small {{tt|Koiking|Magikarp}}''), [[Evolution|evolved]] into a rampaging {{p|Gyarados}}, Charino cast it as the villain Gyarados Devil into the next ''The SparklingRefreshing Trio is: Alola DrinKyunIdols'' episode as well.
George Charino is a charming individual with a particularly infectious flair of enthusiasm. He spots talent quickly and is able to guide his new actors to achieve incredible results. George prefers to allow his actors' own takes on a scene deliver the plot, though will point out when expression is lacking.
George has a calm presence, and his advice is often sought after when a difficult decision appears during production. He believes that moments of trouble are actually a great opportunity to create something new, and he proved this when he cast {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Lana}}, and later Koi-chanKarpy who [[Evolution|evolved]] into a {{p|Gyarados}} for the next installment of ''The SparklingRefreshing Trio is: Alola DrinKyunIdols'' in ''[[SM113|This Magik Moment!]]''.
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