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Triple Battles
===Triple Battles===
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In a Triple Battle, three Pokémon on each side are sent out at once. However, unlike in a [[Double Battle]], there are restrictions as to which Pokémon can attack which opponent. The Pokémon in the middle can attack (and be attacked by) all three on the other side, but the ones on the side cannot attack the Pokémon on the far side of the opposite end. However, some moves can break this rule, including most {{type|Flying}} [[move]]s such as {{m|Pluck}} and 'pulse' related moves such as {{m|Aura Sphere}}. The Pokémon {{p|Pansage}}, {{p|Pansear}}, and {{p|Panpour}} were introduced to showcase this new feature. The position of each Pokémon can be [[shift]]edshifted during battle; like switching, this uses a turn.
===Rotation Battles===