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Rotom Pokédex
=={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}==
[[File:Dawn DP 2.png|thumb|200px150px|{{an|Dawn}}]]
{{main|Dawn (anime)}}
Like his journey into [[Hoenn]], Ash ventured to [[Sinnoh]] alone, where, in ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]'', he would meet {{an|Dawn}}, the daughter of a [[Top Coordinator]] wishing to follow in the footsteps of [[Johanna|her mother]]. From that point, after saving [[Ash's Pikachu]] and having her bike fried in a similar way to May's and Misty's, Dawn would travel with Ash and Brock through Sinnoh, which she did until ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'' when all three friends split up.
|- style="background: #{{pearl color light}};"
|{{color2|{{pearl color dark}}|Caught Pokémon|Caught}}
| {{MS|427|Dawn's Buneary}} {{MS|417|Dawn's Pachirisu}}{{tt|{{color|{{pearl color dark}}|*}}|released and recaptured in DP019}}{{MS|418|Dawn's Buizel}}{{MS|220|Dawn's Swinub}}
|- style="background: #{{pearl color light}};"
| {{color2|{{pearl color dark}}|Released Pokémon|Released}}
| {{MS|417|Dawn's Pachirisu}}<ref>{{ttpkmn2|Released}} and {{colorpkmn2|{{pearl color darkcaught}}|*}}|released and recapturedagain in ''[[DP019}}|Twice Smitten, Once Shy!]]''.</ref>
|- style="background: #{{pearl color light}};"
| {{color2|{{pearl color dark}}|Pokémon Egg|Hatched}}
| {{MS|393|Dawn's Piplup}} {{MS|Egg|Dawn's Cyndaquil}} {{MS|468|Dawn's Togekiss}}
|- style="background: #{{pearl color light}}; color:#{{pearl color dark}};"
| {{color2|{{pearl color dark}}|Pokémon training|In training}}
| {{MS|424|Dawn's Ambipom}}
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! colspan="2" style="background: #{{electric color}}" | {{color2|{{ghost color dark}}|Rotom Pokédex (anime)|Rotom}}
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| colspan="2" style="text-align:left; color:#{{ghost color dark}}" | '''Hometown:''' unknownUnknown
| colspan="2" style="text-align:left; color:#{{ghost color dark}}" | '''First joined in:''' {{color2|{{ghost color dark}}|Alola}}
* {{an|Clemont}} is the first of Ash's friends that has left the group in the middle of a journey.
* Ash's Alolan classmates are the first main characters who do not appear in every episode of their series following [[SM001|their debut]].
==See also==
* [[Twerp]]<br>
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