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Meowth: This is for people or Pokémon who stayed with Ash for longer than one episode.
He later revealed their travels to be a facade to gain their trust for a mission, and reunited with [[Jessie]] and [[James]] in ''[[BW047|Crisis from the Underground Up!]]''.
He would later team up with Ash and his friends for real in ''[[XY019|A Conspiracy to Conquer!]]'' after losing the rest of Team Rocket to the control of the mysterious [[Officer Jenny|Madame X]] and her {{an|Malamar}}, though the team was initially distrusting of him until seeing Madame X in action for themselves. Ash and Meowth were eventually the only ones not {{m|Hypnosis|hypnotized}} by Malamar, thanks to Meowth using {{m|Fury Swipes}} on both their faces. After the Malamar was revealed to be the true mastermind and was soon after defeated, Meowth returned to the newly freed Team Rocket.
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