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Marowak (Pokémon)

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A Marowak appeared in ''[[EP108|Pokémon Double Trouble]]'', under the ownership of [[Luana]], the [[Gym Leader]] of [[Kumquat Island]]. It was used in a [[Double Battle]] against {{Ash}} alongside {{p|Alakazam}}. They battled {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{AP|Charizard}} but were defeated, Marowak by Alakazam's redirected {{m|Hyper Beam}}.
DuringA theMarowak first round of the [[Ever Grande Conference]]appeared in ''[[AG127|From Brags to Riches]]'', under the ownership of [[MorrisonGavin]]'s. opponent,During the first round of the [[GavinEver Grande Conference]], Gavin used a Marowakit and a {{p|Machamp}} against Morrison's {{p|Gligar}} and {{p|Growlithe}}. After a tough battle, Marowak was eventually defeated by Gligar. It reappeared in a flashback in [[AG128|the next episode]].
InA Marowak appeared in ''[[AG176|The Ole' Berate and Switch!]]'', under the ownership of [[Oriba]]. He used a Marowakit in a fake tournament created by [[Team Rocket]] agents [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]]. Oriba later used Marowak in his battle against {{Ash}}, where it battled {{AP|Corphish}} but was defeated.
A Marowak appeared in ''[[DP008|Gymbaliar!]]'', under the ownership of [[Jeffrey]]. It faced off against [[Jessie]] and her {{TP|Jessie|Dustox}}, and was able to defeat her with just a few hits with its bone.