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[[File:Mr. Electric.png|thumb|250px|Mr. Electric]]
'''Mr. Electric''' (Japanese: '''ミスターエレク''' ''Mr. Elec'') is a minor recurring minor character who first appeared in ''[[SM081the {{series|A Young RoyalSun Flame& Ignites!]]''Moon}}. He is a member of the [[Revengers]].
InMr. Electric debuted in ''[[SM081|A Young Royal Flame Ignites!]]'', Mr.where Electriche took part in a [[Battle Royal]] alongside his Pokémon, but he used dirty tactics provided by the other Revengers to get an advantage over {{an|Professor Kukui|Masked Royal}} and his {{TP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}}. Witnessing this, {{Ash}} and {{AP|Torracat}} decided to team up with Masked Royal, while Mr. Electric teamed up with [[Mad Magmar]]. Despite them using more dirty tactics, they were soon defeated.
He will reappear in [[SM129]].