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Early the next morning, Ash begins his search for Metapod. He sees him lying at the base of a tree, surrounded by many {{p|Kakuna}}, and attempts to sneak forward through the grass towards him without alerting the Beedrill swarm. However, he is interrupted by {{MTR}}, who jumps on the back of his head. A moment later, [[Jessie]] and [[James]] appear on a cliff overhead, and launch loudly into their {{motto}}, ignoring Ash's warnings that they will alert the Beedrill. The sound awakens the Beedrill, who prepare to dive-bomb Ash and Team Rocket. Ash rolls underneath their attacks and reaches Metapod. Jessie and James attempt to take cover in their cardboard van, but some {{p|Weedle}} have begun to chew through it, and they run instead.
Ash attempts to recall Metapod to his Poké Ball, but he shakes in disagreement. With a Beedrill fast approaching, Ash runs with Metapod in his arms. Seeing a look of sorrow in Metapod's eyes, Ash realizes that he has lost Metapod's trust. Ash attempts to explain what happened, saying that losing Metapod was all Samurai's fault. However, Ash suddenly realizes that he is lying to himself and to Metapod, and admits that losing Metapod was his fault and his alone. Ash is upset upon realizing that it was his carelessness that put his Pokémon's life in danger, and, amid tearful apologies to Metapod, he sincerely promises to stop making excuses and take better care of himhis Pokémon. As Samurai, Misty, and Pikachu arrive in a protective bug net, Metapod leaps into the path of a Beedrill's {{m|Twineedle}}, sparing Ash. Ash cradles Metapod, thinking he has been badly injured, but he instead begins to glow. The hole in his shell has triggered Metapod's [[evolution]] into {{AP|Butterfree}}. Ash gazes happily at his first fully-evolved Pokémon, and even Misty isn't fearful, going so far as to call Ash's Butterfree beautiful.
Another swarm of Beedrill appear, but this time, Ash orders his Butterfree to use {{m|Sleep Powder}}, which puts the bee-like Pokémon, and also Team Rocket, to sleep and allows the group to escape. Samurai applauds Ash for his control over Butterfree so soon after its evolution. He then shows Ash and Misty the path out of Viridian Forest to [[Pewter City]]. He also tells Ash that he takes back his criticism and refers to himself as a novice. Ash, Pikachu and Misty continue towards Pewter City to earn Ash's first [[Gym]] [[Badge]]. Team Rocket, meanwhile, is left wrapped up like Kakuna amongst a hive of angry Beedrill.