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Mantine (Pokémon)

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Multiple Mantine appeared in [[PS541]].
A [[Poké Ride]] Mantine appeared in ''[[PASM15|Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!"]]'', where it was used by [[Professor Burnet]].
A Poké Ride Mantine appeared in a fantasy in [[PASM17]].
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ItMantine is similar to a {{wp|manta ray}}, with some {{wp|kite}}-like aspects. Its flying type seems to be a reference to {{wp|Mobula|flying rays}}, known as such due to their propensity for breaching. AsSince {{p|Remoraid}}, a Pokémon based on a rifle, often attaches itself to the undersides of Mantine's wings, itMantine may also be based on a {{wp|fighter plane}}.
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