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In the games
Upon leaving the Aether Foundation, Gladion had two goals: to stop his mother and to free Type: Null from the helmet that was meant to subdue it. He eventually worked as an enforcer for [[Team Skull]] but was never considered an actual member of the [[Villainous teams|team]].
Gladion first meets the {{player}} on {{rt|5|Alola}} as a Team Skull member, but he does not seem to be interested in Team Skull's affairs, unlike the {{tc|Team Skull Grunt|Grunts}} near him. After his second battle with the player at the [[Battle Royal Dome]], he realizes the player might be able to help him stop Lusamine. When encountered on {{rt|13|Alola}}, he informs the player Team Skull is after {{p|Cosmog}}. Knowing now Team Skull is helping Lusamine get Cosmog back, he tells the player that they should make sure Cosmog is safe. When Lillie gets captured while the player is battling [[Guzma]] in [[Po Town]], Gladion appears before the player upon their return to the [[Aether House]] and battles them to express his frustration. After getting his priorities straight, he takes the player and [[Hau]] to [[Aether Paradise]] to face Lusamine and save both her and Lillie. Gladion is also encountered on the way to the newly finished {{al|Pokémon League}} on [[Mount Lanakila]]. He thanks the player for stopping Lusamine and reveals that not only has he received a [[Z-Ring]], but also managed to release his Type: Null from its restraint, [[Evolution|evolving]] it into {{p|Silvally}}. His Silvally will be holding the [[memory]] of the type that is strong against the player's starter Pokémon's type.
After the player has become the {{pkmn|Champion}} of the Alola region, Gladion has taken over as acting president of the Aether Foundation while Lusamine is away. He may be spoken to at Aether Paradise's conservation area, where he will give the player a Type: Null of their own, along with all of Silvally's [[memory]] drives.