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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
[[File:Hearthome Collection Pikachu.png|thumb|220px|Pikachu in the Hearthome Collection]]
In ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]'', Pikachu was used in the [[Hearthome Collection]], a fashion show for {{pkmn|Stylist}}s and their Pokémon whose winner would get the chance to work on a photo shoot for the {{DL|Magazines in the Pokémon world|Poké Chic}} magazine. At first, Pikachu was shy to go on stageonstage wearing the outfit Ash had designed for him, but after hearing some encouraging words from Ash, he overcame his moment of shyness and went on stageonstage to perform. He used his Thunderbolt attack to light up the [[Contest Hall|hall]], captivating the judges' attention. [[Hermione]] commented that, although Ash didn't quite get it what it means to be a Pokémon Stylist, he was at least making an effort to show off his Pokémon, instead of focusing solely on the clothing aspect. For this reason, Pikachu was among the three finalists, along with [[Dawn's Buneary]] and [[Cocoa]]'s {{p|Mismagius}}. When the results were announced, it was revealed that Ash and Pikachu had ended up in third place, receiving the Unique Award for their original costumes and performance.
In ''[[DP093|Playing The Leveling Field!]]'', Pikachu was used in an unofficial battle against the [[Hearthome City]] Gym Leader [[Fantina]]. Pikachu faced her {{TP|Fantinap|Drifloon}}, who had already defeated Buizel and put Chimchar to sleep. After getting hit by {{m|Will-O-Wisp}}Eventually, Pikachu hit Drifloon with a super-effective's Thunderbolt. He then used Volt Tackle, but Drifloon countered with {{m|Ominous Wind}}, stopping Pikachu and blowing him back. He then managed to hit Drifloon with another Thunderbolt, but this triggered Drifloon to evolve into {{pTP|Fantina|Drifblim}}. Drifblim managed to dodge Pikachu's Thunderbolt and followed up with Hypnosis, putting him to sleep. With two of his Pokémon sleeping, Ash decided to forfeit the match.
In ''[[DP101|Barry's Busting Out All Over!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his final Pokémon in a three-on-three battle against {{an|Barry}}, where he faced [[Barry's Empoleon]]. AshDuring orderedan Pikachuexchange to use Thunderbolt, but Pikachu was forced to dodge Empoleon's {{m|Hydro Cannon}}. Empoleon then used Steel Wing, which clashed with Pikachu's Iron Tail. While continuously exchangingof Steel Wings and Iron Tails, Pikachu eventually got hit, knocking him back. While struggling to get back up, Empoleon fired a Hyper Beam at Pikachu, launching him in the air. When it seemed to be over, Ash's words of encouragement managed to get through and Pikachu was able to hit Empoleon with a super-effective Thunderbolt. He then hit Empoleon with a powerful Volt Tackle, knocking it out.
In ''[[DP102|Shield with a Twist!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's third Pokémon in his [[Hearthome Gym]] battle. He went up against Fantina's Drifblim. Pikachu used a Thunderbolt [[Counter Shield]]Eventually, hurting Drifblim as well as paralyzing it. Drifblim, however, immediately blew the electricity away with Psychic. Drifblim then used a combination of Will-O-Wisp and Psychic to create a Counter Shield of its own. Pikachu used Counter Shield again, but it was overwhelmed as Drifblim's lasted longer due to it being supported by Psychic. Drifblim's Counter Shield then surrounded Pikachu, causing him to be unable to use Thunderbolt. Drifblim then proceeded to hit Pikachu with Hypnosis, putting him to sleep, and finished him off with Ominous Wind.
In ''[[DP124|To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's partner in a [[Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament]]. In the first round they faced [[Wilkinson]] and his {{p|Farfetch'd}}. Despite putting up a good match, Ash and Pikachu got eliminated.
In ''[[DP132|Evolving Strategies!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's fifth Pokémon used in his Full Battle against Paul. First, he went up against {{TP|Paul|Magmortar}}. Pikachu managed to hit Magmortar with Quick Attack. However, upon making contact, he was burned by Magmortar's {{a|Flame Body}}. Pikachu then used Thunderbolt, which was countered by Magmortar's Flamethrower. He then went for Volt Tackle, which was countered by Magmortar's Rock Tomb. Despite managing to push through and destroy multiple rocks, Pikachu was eventually thrown back after crashing in one of the rocks and got immediately after damaged by his burn. Magmortar then used Smog, but Pikachu blocked it using his Thunderbolt Counter Shield. After taking more burn damage, Pikachu dodged Magmortar's Flamethrower and struck Magmortar with an Iron Tail, only to take burn damage again after. He was then recalled.
[[File:Ash Pikachu Static.png|thumb|left|250px|Static activated]]
LaterIn ''[[DP132|Evolving Strategies!]]'', hePikachu wentwas upAsh's fifth Pokémon used in his Full Battle against Paul's. veryFirst, powerfulhe went up against {{TP|Paul|UrsaringMagmortar}}. During the battle, Pikachu hitreceived Ursaringmultiple serious burns from Magmortar's {{a|Flame Body}} Ability as well as Flamethrower. Though he finally struck Magmortar with Quickan AttackIron Tail, buthe thetook Hibernatorburn Pokémondamage managedagain after, forcing him to takebe itrecalled. andLater, hithe went up against Paul's very powerful {{TP|Paul|Ursaring}}. Pikachu hardwas soon hit with Hammer Arm., Thebut the physical contact activated Pikachu'shis Static, paralyzing Ursaring, and giving Pikachu the opportunity to hit it with Iron Tail. The paralysis, however, activated Ursaring's {{a|Guts}} Ability, greatly increasing Ursaring's Attack. Pikachu tried stopping Ursaring with Thunderbolt, but it managed to push through and slammed him into [[Lake Acuity]] with an extremely powerful Hammer Arm, taking him out of the match as well as injuring him. This defeat meant that Ash had to defeat Paul's remaining five Pokémon with only Chimchar.
In ''[[DP140|Historical Mystery Tour!]]'', Pikachu was used in a battle against Barry's {{p|Heracross}}. Pikachu started off using Quick Attack, but Heracross endured the hit and hit him with Horn Attack. Their battle was stopped, when Barry saw a {{p|Xatu}} flying and decided to follow it.