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Ash's Classmates' Partner Pokémon
A Japanese event distributed an in-game representation of Lillie's Alolan Vulpix, along with [[Mallow's Steenee]] and [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] via serial code and local wireless. The serial codes were available at {{wp|AEON (company)|Æon}} stores in Japan from July 5 to 14, 2017, and could be used until July 24, 2017. The local wireless were available at {{OBP|Pokémon Center|store}} stores and [[Pokémon Store]]s in Japan from July 22 to August 13, 2017.
The same Vulpix was [ was distributed] in {{pmin|South Korea}} to players who inserted the common serial code [[Hobbes|JAMES]] from August 24 to October 31, 2017. The serial code was revealed on August 24, 2017 during the debut of [[SM023]] and [[SM024]] on {{wp|Tooniverse}} at 5:00 pm. The serial code was [ posted on the official Korean Pokémon site] on September 29, 2017.