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* [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Examination]]: {{p|Xatu}}
* A new [[eyecatch]] makes its debut in this episode. It features {{an|Brock}}, marking his first time being at the center of an eyecatch.
* {{an|Dawn}}'s winter clothing resembles the clothing worn by her {{ga|Dawn|game counterpart}} in {{game|Platinum}} (though her hair clips and hat are different), while the jackets worn by {{Ash}} and {{an|Brock}} resemble those worn by {{ga|Lucas}}.
* {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}} was not removed from the [[High Touch!|opening]] despite leaving the main cast in the previous episode.
* This is the first time {{TP|Brock|Sudowoodo}} has used {{m|Fake Tears}} since its [[evolution]] [[DP014|111 episodes ago]].
* When {{an|Dawn}} wasis holding the box of clothes and walking toward the benches, {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} wasis nowhere to be seen. However, when the screen zoomedzooms to the box and bench, Piplup is seen near the box.
* When [[Dawn's Buneary]] and {{p|Cherubi}} were battling, Cherubi didn't have to charge up when using {{m|Solar Beam}}.
* In the {{pmin|Poland|Polish}} dub, {{m|Poison Sting}} is mistakenly called {{m|Poison Tail}}.