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Professor Kukui (anime)

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Since his childhood, Kukui had been a fan of Pokémon [[move]]s, often observing [[Hala]]'s {{pkmn|battle}}s to witness these attacks in action. He would follow the matches along with his Move Index guidebook. At some point, he befriended and later obtained a {{TP|Professor Kukui|Litten}}, which originally belonged to his parents. The pair would often spend time in the forests of [[Melemele Island]] playing with all of the [[wild Pokémon]]. He also befriended a {{pkmn2|Totem}} {{p|Trevenant}} living in the forests and received a [[Firium Z]] after helping to relieve it of its sneezing. In addition, he is a childhood friend of [[Molayne]].
[[SM125|At the age of five]], he met {{Ash}}, whom a {{p|Celebi}} had accidentally sent into the past. Due to Ash's mastery of [[Z-Move]]s, he started calling him the (Japanese: '''ワザキング''' ''Move King'') and asked to battle with him. Ash easily won the battle and taught the young Kukui, whom he started calling (Japanese: '''ガオ''' ''Gao'') due to his {{p|Incineroar}} cap, that there was no shame in losing. He then proceeded to tell Kukui about his [[Gym]] and [[Pokémon League]] battles in other [[region]]s, inspiring Kukui's own ambitions. Soon, Ash was transported back to the present by Celebi, leaving both young boys unaware of each other's real names.
==={{series|Sun & Moon}}===
In [[SM115]], Kukui hosted a press conference at [[Aether Paradise]], where he announced the formation of the first-ever Alola {{al|Pokémon League}} and revealed [[Manalo Stadium|the stadium]] that was being constructed to host it. The next day, [[Guzma]] arrived at the Pokémon School and told Kukui that Alola didn't need a Pokémon League. When Ash challenged Guzma to a battle, Kukui refereed the match. The battle ended prematurely when Guzma's {{p|Golisopod}} returned to its {{i|Poké Ball}} due to {{a|Emergency Exit}}. As Guzma left, swearing to destroy the Alola League, Kukui confronted him, claiming that Guzma was running away like he did in the past with the [[island challenge]] and the [[Island Kahuna]]s.
In [[SM127]], Kukui announced the completion of the Manalo Stadium to the people of Alola. He revealed the prize for winning the Alola League tournament was an exhibition match against the Masked Royal.
* Professor Kukui is the only {{pkmn|Professor}} not shown giving out any [[starter Pokémon]] in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* As a child, he was given the nickname (Japanese: '''ガオ''' ''Gao'') by {{Ash}} due to the {{p|Incineroar}} hat he wore at the time.
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