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Mankey (Pokémon)

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InA Mankey appeared in ''[[EP233|A Tyrogue Full of Trouble]]'', as a {{p|Primeape}}member of a trio of Pokémon that was causing problems for a small town along, with athe Mankeyother andmembers being a {{p|Tyrogue}}. Aand {{pkmn|Trainer}}a namedPrimeape. [[Kiyo]] was able to capture{{pkmn2|caught|catch}} the Tyrogue, and the Mankey and Primeape joined up with him.
In ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]'', aA {{DL|List of Pokémon temporarily owned by the Team Rocket trio|Mankey}} appeared in ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]'', where it was jointly owned by [[Jessie]] and [[Jubei]]. wasThey used it at the [[Team Rocket Academy]] for a test. It lowered Jessie into a vault containing an {{p|Articuno}} statue, but due to the rope getting stuck, Mankey and Jubei had to pull Jessie and the statue up; proving to be too heavy, they dropped it, triggering the alarms and resulting in Mankey and Jubei being injured.
====Minor appearances====