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Machamp (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
Multiple Machamp appeared in ''[[DP057|Bibarel Gnaws Best!]]'', under the ownership of the [[expert stonecutter]]. Along with several Machoke, they served as construction workers.
A Machamp appeared in ''[[XY035|The Forest Champion!]]''. It iswas the rival of {{AP|Hawlucha}} and the previous champion of the forest where they lived. Machamp was tricked by a ruffian pair of {{p|Ursaring}} and {{p|Conkeldurr}} into having a rematch with Hawlucha, but when the two troublemakers interfered with their duel, Machamp took them out with a single move and called off the fight. Machamp was later seen watching Hawlucha agree to join {{Ash}}, promising to look after the forest in the Wrestling Pokémon's stead.
====Minor appearances====