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Snorlax (Pokémon)

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A Snorlax appeared in ''[[PK04|Pikachu's Rescue Adventure]]'', where it was helping to hold on to the nest containing some {{p|Exeggcute}} and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}.
A Snorlax appeared in ''[[PK07|Pikachu & Pichu]]'' as partone of the Pokémon in the [[Pichu Brothers]]' Posse. It reappeared in other episodes of [[Pokémon Chronicles]] and made a cameo appearance in ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'' alongside the Pichu Brothers and [[Pichu Posse|their friends]].
Multiple {{DL|List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime|Snowmen Snorlax|alternately colored Snorlax}} appeared in ''[[PK09|Snorlax Snowman]]''. These Snorlax were adapted to more frigid climates that were seen in the episode. One in particular was befriended by {{AP|Pikachu}} and his friends.