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Pokémon LV.X in the Japanese release feature a new printing style not used on any of the Pokémon LV.X beforehand: each of the six Pokémon LV.X feature a Glossy overlay overtop their Cosmos Holofoil. Since it only started with Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky, this feature is exclusive to the in-set print of {{TCG ID|Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky|Heatran LV.X|15}}, not being included on the {{TCG|DP-P Promotional cards|DP-P Promotional print}} release four months prior. Additionally, because of the earlier promotional release, Heatran LV.X was not provided with a regular Heatran to Level Up from, causing Heatran LV.X to be useless in a {{TCG|limited format}} setting. This is a trend continuing from {{TCG|Secret of the Lakes}} {{TCG ID|DP-P Promo|Lucario LV.X|4}}, {{TCG|Moonlit Pursuit}} {{TCG ID|DP-P Promo|Garchomp LV.X|58}}, and {{TCG|Temple of Anger}} {{TCG ID|DP-P Promo|Porygon-Z LV.X|75}}. Each of these promotional Pokémon LV.X were made available as inserts in the previous sets' Official Visual Books.
Heatran LV.X isn't the only Pokémon in the expansion without the rest of its evolutionary family. {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Torterra|11}}, {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Infernape|3}}, and {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Empoleon|2}} were each released without the rest of the [[Starter Pokémon]] families, most likely due to their inclusion in the expansion utilizing the second type of their dual-type status. For each of these three Pokémon, this expansion marks the onlyfirst time these three Pokémon utilized their second type. The {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Sceptile|10}} in the Japanese release was also left without its evolutionary family, with the {{TCG ID|Giratina Half Deck|Treecko|1}} and {{TCG ID|Giratina Half Deck|Grovyle|2}} being included in the {{TCG|Giratina vs Dialga Deck Kit}}.
In the Japanese expansion, none of the Pokémon cards featured [[Pokédex]] entries due to several of the cards containing too much card text for one to be fit on the card. However, in Stormfront, if a card has either an attached item (such as a Magnet) or more than three items of text (such as a Pokémon Power and two attacks), the card will not include a Pokédex entry: otherwise, it will, unlike in the Japanese expansion.