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Poliwrath (Pokémon)

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Trivia: I'm saying "was" to show that it used to be the only one and now it's not, and second, I also stated "back in" Gen I, meaning back when it there were only 151 Pokémon and no Mega Evolutions, so no Mega Mewtwo X.
* An [[Media:Nyosuka.png|early design]] of Poliwrath revealed on Game Freak's official Japanese website circa 1997 depicts it wearing a crown, similar to the [[King's Rock]] which is necessary to evolve {{p|Poliwhirl}} into {{p|Politoed}}.
* Poliwrath shares its {{pkmn|category}} with {{p|Poliwag}}, {{p|Poliwhirl}}, and {{p|Tympole}}. They are all known as the Tadpole Pokémon.
* Poliwrath was the only half {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon back in [[Generation I]].