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Blastoise (Pokémon)

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InA Blastoise appeared in ''[[EP060|Beach Blank-Out Blastoise]]'', a Blastoisewhere thatit was ruling over an island of Squirtle and Wartortle had a {{an|Jigglypuff}} stuck in one its cannons and its {{m|Sing|song}} made everyone fall asleep.
A Blastoise [[nickname]]d Shellshocker appeared in ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', under the ownership of [[Neesha]]. It was taken away from her by one of Mewtwo's special [[Poké Ball]]s but was liberated by Ash along with the other confiscated Pokémon. Along with [[Ash's Charizard]] and [[Corey]]'s {{p|Venusaur}}, they were the only confiscated Pokémon not to be cloned and they had the same marks that Squirtletwo had, indicating that it was likely obtained by Mewtwo through different means than the ones used to clone. After being freed, it fought with {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}'s cloned Blastoise and lost. Neesha's Blastoise appeared in an alternate timeline of the main series that was introduced in ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', where it was seen battling Corey's Venusaur; it is unknown if it holds the same nickname in that timeline.
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[EP085|Fit to be Tide]]'', under the ownership of [[Cissy]]. She used a Blastoiseit against {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Lapras}} in a Wave Race for the {{badge|Coral-Eye}} during ''[[EP085|Fit to be Tide]]''. Despite a well-fought race, Ash ultimately won by having Lapras use {{m|Ice Beam}} and riding on the ice. It reappeared in flashbacks of ''[[EP098|A Way Off Day Off]]'', ''[[EP111|Hello, Pummelo!]]'', and ''[[EP113|Viva Las Lapras]]''.
InMultiple Blastoise appeared in ''[[EP106|The Pokémon Water War]]'', under the ownership of [[Captain Aidan]]. hadThey worked alongside a team of Blastoise, [[Team Wartortle|Wartortle]], and {{p|Squirtle}} that were used to extinguish fires. The team of Blastoise reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP147|The Fire-ing Squad!]]''.
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[EP194|Ring Masters]]'' as one of the Pokémon competing in [[Rikishii Town]]'s [[Sumo Conference]]. It went up against [[Raiden]]'s {{p|Feraligatr}} and lost despite its extreme strength, thus allowing Feraligatr to proceed to the finals.
DuringA Blastoise appeared in ''[[EP248|One Trick Phony!]]'', where [[Jessie]] used a Blastoiseborrowed borrowedit from {{jo|Battle Park}}. She then used it against {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Pikachu}} in an elaborate plan to capture it.
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[LolaSS001|A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!]]'', hasunder athe Blastoise,ownership whichof she[[Lola]]. She used it to rescue and revive {{ka|Flint}}'s {{p|Golem}} after it had fallen into water in ''[[SS001|A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!]]''. It reappeared in a fantasy in ''[[AG177|Grating Spaces!]]''.
[[Sid]] has aA Blastoise appeared in ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]'', under the ownership of [[Sid]]. It was his main battling Pokémon.
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]'', under the ownership of {{OBP|Jimmy|AG092}}. His Wartortle evolved into Blastoise while it was still captured by Team Rocket, allowing it to escape with its massive size.
InThree Blastoise appeared in ''[[DP072|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2)]]'', where [[Kellyn]] hadcaptured threethem Blastoisewith his [[Capture Styler]]. He had them use {{m|Rain Dance}} in order to douse a forest fire that was caused by [[J's Salamence]].
A Blastoise andthat itscan [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] appeared in ''[[SS029|Mega Evolution Special I]]'', under the ownership of [[Siebold]]. Siebold used his Blastoise in a battle against [[Alain]] and his {{TP|Alain|Charizard}}, where Blastoise was successful in defeating Charizard.
A {{tc|Sailor}}'s Blastoise appeared in ''[[SM027|A Glaring Rivalry!]]'', whereunder itthe ownership of a {{tc|Sailor}}. It battled [[Gladion]] and his {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}} {{p|Lycanroc}} and was eventually defeated by {{m|Counter}}.
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