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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
In ''[[DP056|The Keystone Pops!]]'', Ash and Pikachu tried stopping a wild {{p|Spiritomb}}, which had gone on a rampage after the group accidentally destroyed the [[Hallowed Tower]], freeing Spiritomb from the [[Odd Keystone]]. Eventually, Pikachu managed to defeat Spiritomb with Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt after a hard-fought battle and the group managed to seal Spiritomb in the Keystone again.
In ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', Pikachu encountered Paul's Electabuzz again at [[Reggie]]'s home, where the two started fighting., Thebut the Pokémon got separated by [[Maylene's Lucario]]. Later, Pikachu was Ash's last Pokémon used in a battle against Reggie. Pikachu faced off against Reggie's {{p|Staraptor}}. Pikachu used Thunderbolt, but Staraptor managed to dodge and used {{m|Brave Bird}}. Pikachu tried dodging using his spin technique, but failed to do so and got hit hard. Pikachu then managed to dodge Staraptor's Steel Wing, by using Iron Tail on the ground to jump high in the air. He then used Volt Tackle, which was countered by Staraptor's {{m|Wing Attack}}, causing both Pokémon to fall down. In the end however, only Pikachu remained standing, giving Ash theultimately winwon.
In ''[[DP074|Pika and Goliath!]]'', an arrogant Electric-type trainerTrainer named [[Sho]] wished Ash to trade Pikachu to him, as he already had a Pichu and {{p|Raichu}} and wanted to have the full evolutionevolutionary line in his team. Ash obviously refused, so Sho challenged him to a battle against his powerful Raichu. Unlike Lt. Surge's Raichu, this particular Raichu was fast asin welladdition asto knewknowing powerful attacks. Pikachu'sThe Thunderboltbattle wassoon easilyended takenwith byPikachu's Raichu,defeat. whoDuring thenhis proceeded to launch Thunder atrecovery, Pikachu. Pikachu unwillingbegan to dodge,reconsider tookhis theearlier attackdecision andto chargednot inevolve. usingWhen VoltAsh Tackle.went Raichuto counteredcheck withon itsPikachu ownhe Volt Tackle, sendingfound both PokémonPikachu flyingand back.his RaichuThunder managedStone tomissing, landcausing backhim onto its feet, whilethink Pikachu crashedmay intohave adecided Bothevolve Pokémoninto then clashed with Iron TailRaichu. RaichuHowever, thenhe managedsoon to takefound Pikachu's Quicktraining Attackin andthe started using Hyper Beam. As Pikachu wasforest, trying to get away,stronger Raichuwithout usedevolving. itsAfter tailsome tohard traptraining, PikachuAsh and proceededPikachu tore-challenged hitSho himand withRaichu aand close-rangeultimately Hyperwon Beam,after defeatinga himtest asof wellstrength asfor seriously injuring himPikachu.
During his recovery, Pikachu began to reconsider his earlier decision not to evolve since there would always be attacks and abilities that he simply couldn't learn otherwise. When Ash went to check on Pikachu he found both Pikachu and his Thunder Stone missing, causing him to think Pikachu may had evolved into Raichu. However, he soon found Pikachu training in the forest, trying to get stronger without evolving.
AfterIn some''[[DP083|A hardCrasher training,Course Ashin andPower!]]'', Pikachu re-challenged Sho and Raichu.{{AP|Buizel}} Raichugot startedinto offa usingfight Ironafter Tail,Buizel butgot Pikachuaccidentally managedhit toby constantlyPikachu's dodgeThunderbolt itswhile attacks by circling aroundtraining. HoweverLater, Raichu eventually managed to hit Pikachu and threw him inwas the air.first While he was heading down PikachuPokémon used Ironin Tail to counter RaichuAsh's Volt[[Pastoria Gym]] Tacklebattle. Raichu thenHe went forup anotheragainst Volt Tackle, but Pikachu dodged it by spinning. Pikachu then circled around again to avoid[[Crasher RaichuWake]]'s IronGyarados Tailand attacks,eventually causingwon Raichuafter tohitting loseGyarados its footing. This gave Pikachuin the opportunity to hit it hardface with aVolt Quick AttackTackle. PikachuHe then proceeded to dodge Raichu's attacks andwas immediatelyrecalled after hitCrasher itWake withsent its own moves, dealing muchout damage{{p|Quagsire}}. RaichuLater, however,after was still standing and managed to trap Pikachu with its tail again, while charging Hyper Beam. As Hyper BeamBuizel was launchedrecalled, Pikachu usedwent Thunderboltup toagain blockagainst Hyper Beam, decreasing its power{{p|Floatzel}}. AsFloatzel Raichusoon hadoverpowered tohis recharge,Volt PikachuTackle proceededand todamaged hit Raichuhim with a Volt Tackle-Iron Tail combination, dealingof major{{m|Razor damage. PikachuWind}} and Raichu{{m|Ice thenFang}}, clashedwhich withleft Volta Tackle,part provingof tohis be equal inback powerfrozen. Pikachu was then avoidedrecalled Raichu'safter IronBuizel Tailwanted andto flungfight it into a tree using Iron Tailagain. RaichuAs then tried trapping Pikachu again whilethey usingpassed Hypereach Beamother, butthey Pikachuexchanged dodged its tailhigh-fives and usedBuizel Hyperbroke Beam'sthe powerice to jump high in the air.on Pikachu's thenback headedwith down using a spinning Iron Tail and finally knocked Raichu out, proving he had once again made the right decision not toWater evolveGun.
In ''[[DP083|A Crasher Course in Power!]]'', Pikachu and {{AP|Buizel}} got into a fight after Buizel got accidentally hit by Pikachu's Thunderbolt while training. Later, Pikachu was the first Pokémon used in Ash's [[Pastoria Gym]] battle. He went up against [[Crasher Wake]]'s Gyarados. Pikachu used Thunderbolt and scored a direct hit on Gyarados, but despite the super-effective attack, Gyarados was unharmed. Gyarados used {{m|Dragon Rage}}, but Pikachu blocked it with Iron Tail and used the strike to jump above Gyarados. Gyarados charged in with Bite, but Pikachu, while still in mid-air, used Volt Tackle, hitting Gyarados to the face and knocking it out. He was recalled after Crasher Wake sent out {{p|Quagsire}}.
Later, after Buizel was recalled, Pikachu went up again against {{p|Floatzel}}. He used Thunderbolt, but Floatzel countered with {{m|Whirlpool}}. The collision caused electrified water droplets to fall on Buizel, curing his confusion. Pikachu used Volt Tackle, but Floatzel overpowered it and damaged him with {{m|Razor Wind}}. Pikachu then got hit by {{m|Ice Fang}}, causing a part of his back to get frozen. Pikachu was then recalled after Buizel wanted to fight again. As they passed each other they exchanged high-fives and Buizel broke the ice on Pikachu's back with Water Gun, settling their quarrel.
[[File:Hearthome Collection Pikachu.png|thumb|220px|Pikachu in the Hearthome Collection]]