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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
In ''[[DP018|O'er the Rampardos We Watched!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's first Pokémon used in his rematch against Roark, where he faced Roark's Onix again. Pikachu used Quick Attack to climb onto Onix's body and eventually managed to reach Onix's head. Despite trying to shake Pikachu off, Onix was hit by a super-effective Iron Tail. Pikachu then used his newly learned spin technique to dodge a retaliatory attack and eventually defeated it. Pikachu was recalled when Roark sent out his Geodude, only to be sent out to battle Roark's {{p|Rampardos}}. Despite the activation of Pikachu's Static Ability during the battle, Rampardos was able to hit him hard with Zen Headbutt, knocking him out.
In ''[[DP026|Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a battle against {{si|Kenny}} and his {{TP|Kenny|Prinplup}}. Pikachu started off using Thunderbolt, butThough the attackbattle was blockedevenly by Prinplup's Metal Claw. Prinplup then used Drill Peckmatched, butit Pikachuended managedinconclusively toafter dodgeit thewas attackinterrupted by spinningTeam andRocket. hitIn Prinplup''[[DP033|All withDressed IronUp Tail,With sendingSomewhere itTo toGo!]]'', theAsh ground.entered Prinplup,Pikachu however,in usedthe Bubble[[Pokémon BeamDress-Up toContest]]. createPikachu awas cushionable to landimitate safely.several PikachuPokémon and, Prinplupas thena clashedresult, withadvanced Ironto Tail and Metalthe Clawfinals. TheHowever, battlehe wasended thenup interruptedlosing byto Team[[Brock's RocketCroagunk]].
In ''[[DP033DP050|AllTag! DressedWe're Up With Somewhere To GoIt...!]]'', AshPikachu enteredwas Pikachuused in the first round of the [[PokémonHearthome Dress-UpCity ContestTag Battle Competition]], where he battled alongside [[Paul's Chimchar]]. Pikachu wasand ableChimchar faced a Rhydon and a Magmar. Eventually, Pikachu managed to imitatebreak severalthrough PokémonRhydon's {{m|Surf}} and, asdefeat ait resultusing Iron Tail. Pikachu then used Volt Tackle, advancedwhile toMagmar thecountered finalswith Fire Punch. HoweverThis gave Chimchar the opportunity to hit Magmar with a super-effective Dig, heknocking endedit upout losingand causing Ash and Paul to [[Brock'sproceed Croagunk]]to the next round of the tournament.
In ''[[DP050DP056|Tag!The We'reKeystone It...Pops!]]'', Pikachu was used in the first round of the [[Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition]], where he battled alongside [[Paul's Chimchar]]. PikachuAsh and Chimchar faced a Rhydon and a Magmar. Pikachu startedtried offstopping using Thunderbolt on Magmar, but the attack got redirected to Rhydon due to its {{a|Lightning Rod}} Ability. Unharmed by the Electric-type attack, Rhydon proceeded to hit Pikachu hard withwild {{mp|Megahorn}}. Magmar then used {{m|Lava PlumeSpiritomb}}, dealingwhich minorhad damagegone Rhydon.on Whilea Pikachurampage managed to dodgeafter the attack,group Paulaccidentally haddestroyed Chimcharthe jump[[Hallowed right in to power up its {{type|Fire}} moves. Despite thisTower]], Chimchar'sfreeing FlamethrowerSpiritomb didfrom littlethe damage[[Odd to Rhydon and Chimchar got hit by a powerful {{m|Hammer Arm}}Keystone]]. Pikachu then managed to hit Rhydon with a super-effective Iron TailEventually, dealing much damage. Rhydon then used {{m|Surf}}, while Magmar protected itself with Protect. Pikachu, however, managed to break through the Surf and defeat RhydonSpiritomb using Iron Tail. Pikachu then usedwith Volt Tackle, whileand MagmarThunderbolt countered with Fire Punch. This gave Chimchar the opportunity to hit Magmar withafter a superhard-effective Dig, knocking itfought outbattle and causingthe Ashgroup and Paulmanaged to proceedseal toSpiritomb in the next round of theKeystone tournamentagain.
In ''[[DP056|The Keystone Pops!]]'', Ash and Pikachu tried stopping a wild {{p|Spiritomb}} from rampaging, after the gang accidentally destroyed the [[Hallowed Tower]], thus freeing Spiritomb from the [[Odd Keystone]]. Eventually, Pikachu managed to defeat Spiritomb with Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt after a hard-fought battle and the group managed to seal Spiritomb in the Keystone again.
In ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', Pikachu encountered Paul's Electabuzz again at [[Reggie]]'s home, where the two started fighting. The Pokémon got separated by [[Maylene's Lucario]]. Later, Pikachu was Ash's last Pokémon used in a battle against Reggie. Pikachu faced Reggie's {{p|Staraptor}}. Pikachu used Thunderbolt, but Staraptor managed to dodge and used {{m|Brave Bird}}. Pikachu tried dodging using his spin technique, but failed to do so and got hit hard. Pikachu then managed to dodge Staraptor's Steel Wing, by using Iron Tail on the ground to jump high in the air. He then used Volt Tackle, which was countered by Staraptor's {{m|Wing Attack}}, causing both Pokémon to fall down. In the end however, only Pikachu remained standing, giving Ash the win.